Guest Post Guideline

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Getting Published

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You can write on: Water quality, drinking water safety, water filtration reviews and guidelines, a list of household essentials, home and wellness, water filter informational articles, present recommendations, and related titles.
Always check through the articles on our website to ensure your title hasn’t been covered.


  • The keyword topic must have not less than 200 monthly searches.
  • The word count of the article must not be less than 600 words.
  • The content of the article must be in line with the topics and keywords.
  • While we use our own images, we welcome specific products and personal images if available.
  • Such images must be approximately 1024 x 682 and properly attributed and credited.
  • Due credits must be given to the website and other sources used in the article.
  • You are conferring the copyright rights solely on the blog.


  • You can include one (1) in-content dofollow link to your website.
  • You should include not less than four (4) outbound links to authority websites as sources and references.
  • We do not allow affiliate links in submitted articles. NB – I may include my affiliate links to the article.
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