What does "out of stock" mean?
The stock is sold out and we have no stock available currently. Please contact us if you want to know when will the items available.
Where do I find more information about product features?
You can find the specifications on the user manual and on the website product page, section "Specs". If you would like to compare products, you can do that on the "Compare" section on the same product page.
If you need additional information, please contact our Support team.
What information do I need to provide for an order?
In order to process your order we require the following information:
Model number and quantity of the product(s) you want to order
Your shipping and billing addresses
Phone number – in case we need to contact you quickly in regards to your order
Email address – for order confirmation and invoice
Payment method – please provide a credit card number, PayPal, Afterpay or Klarna account to complete your order
Please note that we do not take orders over the phone or email, the order can only be placed online through our official stores.
My coupon code doesn't work, why is that?
There are numerous reasons for why your coupon cannot be applied:
(1) The coupon expired.
(2) May have been used already or has a use limit.
(3) Is entered incorrectly.
(4) Not applicable for any products in your shopping cart - Coupons can be applied for specific categories, products or even just for a special promotion page.
(5) Is not from an official source.
If you have a coupon that is not working and none of the reasons above match your situation, feel free to contact our Support team via dedicated channels. Please note we may require some extra information and/or time to sort out your situation.
Can I use coupons for drop shipping orders?
Yes. However, we already offer generous discounts to drop shipping customers, so it may be more advantageous to use the drop ship discount rather than the coupon.
What payment methods can I selected?
Waterdrop accepts PayPal, Credit Card and Accelerated checkout. Please read the Payment Poilcy to learn more payment information
Does Waterdrop charge any fees for credit card payment?
Waterdrop does not charge fees of any kind, but some credit card companies will charge a currency conversion fee. Please consult your credit card provider for more information.
My order wasn’t shipped in 10 days after I paid, what should I do?
Please verify that your payment is confirmed and the order was indeed placed. Other reasons may be a package delay or lost, extreme weather conditions or damage. Please check the tracking information on the delivery service website.
In case of lost package, please contact our Support team, so we can determine the next steps. Please note we may require some extra information and/or time to sort out your situation.
Why was my order partially shipped?
There are four reasons why your order was partially shipped:
We have different warehouses, sometimes products cannot be sent together, and will be shipped from the corresponding warehouse separately.
The items are overweight and need to be shipped in different packages.
The item is out of production or stock for a long while, in that case we may ship the available parts to you first.
Lastly, the items are prepacked, so if you ordered several items or a combo, it'll be shipped in different packages.
Usually in this case, we will send email to you.
Please refer to our Shipping Policy for further information
Can I cancel my order after payment?
We can cancel the order for you as long as it's not shipped out yet.
Usually this process takes 24 hours. Also if you contact us during that time but the package is already shipped, you can return it for a full refund.
Please read our Cancellation Policy for further information.
How can I track my order?
Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email from us containing the tracking information. This is also available in your "Order Details" page.
If you didn't receive it within the estimated time (please see our Shipping estimated dates for that information), please contact our Support team for assistance.
How do I change my delivery address?
Please contact us within 24 hours, as soon as you realize you need to change the delivery address. Once the order is shipped, we CANNOT change the address. Please contact our support team to help you.
Is shipping included in the prices?
If you choose Economy Shipping, then there's no additional cost. If you choose Standard or Express Shipping, you would need to pay the extra shipping fee.
Please check our Shipping Policy for the estimates.
How can I cancel my order?
(1)How to cancel my order before the item is shipped?
Please email to service@waterdropfilter.com, you will get the refund after our service team receives your request. (This may take up 1-3 days, thanks for your patience and understanding.)
(2) How to cancel my order when the item has been shipped?
If you contact our service team within 24 hours and the item is shipped, we could offer you a free return label and you will get the refund after we receive the item back.
If you want to cancel the order after it has been generated for more than 24 hours and shipped, you need to bear the extra return fee.
What are the shipping areas?
The products can be delivered to Malta, Luxembourg, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Slovenia, Denmark, Slovakia, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Norway, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech. Rep., Poland ,Austria, Switzerland, Monaco, and Turkey.
What about the carriers?
"Amazon functions as our logistics partner to ship out Waterdrop products. They will choose the carrier that they think works best for our customers.
Note: We don't accept requests to specify a certain carrier to deliver the package."
What's the shipping origin?
"The package will be shipped from one of our DE warehouses closest to your location.
* If you have any questions, you can contact our customer via LiveChat or email to service@waterdropfilter.com, we will reply to you as soon as possible!"
When payment page displays an error, what should I do?
If the payment page displays an error, please double check the information typed, such as CVV, Expiration Date, and Credit Card numbers. Also make sure you selected the correct payment form, If everything is correct, please try to reorder. In case the error keeps showing up, please try using another device such as cell phone or even different browser.
How can I use my Coupon Code?
You can apply coupons to your order at checkout. There is a tab at the right of the screen (PC view) where you can type it in. Once you do it, click “apply” and the discount will automatically adjust your order total.
If you encounter any issue, please check our Section "Ordering: My coupon code doesn't work, what's happening?" for further troubleshooting.
Return & Refund
How to cancel my order before or after the item is shipped?
If you wish to cancel an order, please contact our customer service team.

If you contact us within 24 hours of purchase:
We can cancel the order for you at no additional cost. The cancellation may take up to 3 days, thank you for your patience and understanding.
If the package is already shipped, we will issue a prepaid label and return your payment AFTER we have received the package from you.

If you contact us after 24 hours of purchase:
You need to bear the return fee if the package is already shipped (depends on our system, not the order status).
The product has to be damage-free, packed in the packaging we sent to you, and with the original receipt of the purchase.
We will return your payment AFTER we have received the package from you.
What if the product is out of stock after purchasing?
There are times when we may not have the product(s) that you choose in-stock or may face some issues with our inventory and quality check. In such cases, your order will be cancelled and refunded. You will be notified about it in advance so that you do not have to worry unnecessarily about your order.
How long can it takes until I receive the refund requested?
After receiving your request or your packages, it may take up 1-7 business days to refund your money.
What if I receive damaged / incorrect items?
If you received a damaged / incorrect item and you want to file a claim, please email service@waterdropfilter.com together with your order information and the picture of the damaged / incorrect product.
We will help you replace it.
How to join our affiliate program?
Affiliate Program
Become our affiliate program to earn competitive commissions with dedicated coupon code by referring our products to your audience, readers, friends, and family.
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How to become Waterdrop dropshipper?
Dropshipping Program
Get the products shipped directly to your customers from our warehouse. You do not need any capital or warehouse to start the business.
Contact us: service@waterdropfilter.com
How to become our distributor?
Distribution Program
Become our distributor to get the best price, priority to new products, and unlimited tech reports from us.
Contact us: service@waterdropfilter.com
Product & Other
RO System
What is the difference between our RO systems?

G3P800 RO System

G3P600 RO System

K6 RO System

G2P600 RO System

K19-H Countertop RO System

Installation ≤30 min ≤30 min ≤30 min ≤30 min No Installation
Flow Rate 800 GPD 600 GPD 600 GPD 600 GPD 75 GPD
Pure to Drain Rate 3:1 2:1 2:1 2:1 3:1
Filtration Stages 9 8 5 7 4
Filter QTY 3 3 1 2 1
Filter Lifespan CF-6 Mths
CB-12 Mths
RO-24 Mths
CF-6 Mths
CB-12 Mths
RO-24 Mths
KJF-12 Mths CF-12 Mths
P6MRO-24 Mths
K19RF-12 Mths
NSF 58 & 372 × × ×
Dispensing Option Ambient Water Ambient Water Ambient Water
Instant Hot Water
Ambient Water Ambient Water
Instant Hot Water
What contaminants can Waterdrop reverse osmosis water filter system reduce?
Waterdrop reverse osmosis water filter system adopts advanced composite filter technology. The composite filter can intercept most harmful contaminants.
(1)TDS, chlorine, taste and odor, chloramine, scale, turbidity.
(2)Carcinogens: chromium (hexavalent), chromium (trivalent), cadmium and cadmium compounds, ferric oxide.
(3)Heavy metals: lead, mercury, barium, copper, radium 226/228, aluminum.
(4)Micro organic contaminants: cysts.
(5)Inorganic pollutants: arsenic and inorganic arsenic compounds, fluoride.
(6)Organic pollutants: asbestos, benzene, formaldehyde, trichloromethane, chlordane, PFOA & PFOS, etc.
Is RO water bad for the health?
The RO does not make the water unhealthy in any way. Instead, the purification process may protect the body from many contaminants present in the water.
Can the reverse osmosis system be used for hard water?
Yes, but only up to 500 TDS/ppm of incoming source. Water that is harder than that can cause the filters or system to clog. In order to avoid this situation, you may need to install prefilter and a NOT salt based softener or scale inhibitor prior to the system.
What’s the difference between tankless and tank reverse osmosis systems?
Tank reverse osmosis system holds reverse osmosis water so you have plenty to use when you need it. A traditional tank reverse osmosis system makes water slowly. It takes one minute to produce two to three ounces of RO water. If you were to turn on your faucet for a glass of water at the actual membrane production rate, then you would have to wait at least 5 minutes for it to fill. Waterdrop tankless reverse osmosis system has overcome the issue of bacteria colonizing in the bladder tank. With no storage tank to fill, Waterdrop tankless reverse osmosis system does not run until RO water is needed.
Do I need plumbing services to install the reverse osmosis system?
No. Waterdrop RO systems are designed for DIY installation. You can install the system in 30 minutes. Simply refer to the instruction manual and instructional videos, or contact us by email, phone, or live chat.
This video explains how to install Waterdrop RO system.
Countertop Filters
What kind of products are included in Waterdrop Countertop series?
Water Filter Pitcher & Dispenser
Waterdrop Filter Faucet
Waterdrop Replacement Pitcher water filter for Brita, Zerowater, PUR.
Waterdrop Replacement Faucet water filter for Brita, PUR, Culligan.
What does Waterdrop Pitcher & Dispenser reduce from tap water?
All Waterdrop Pitcher and Dispenser filters are NSF 42 certified for the reduction of chlorine, taste and odor. It is also NSF 372 certified for lead-free material. Using 7-stage water filter technology, this water filter pitcher can effectively reduce arsenic, fluoride, lead, and other contaminants in water.
How do I prepare and change the filter in my Waterdrop Pitcher & Dispenser?
Step 1. Wash your hands, then remove filter from filter box.
Step 2. Please soak it in cold tap water for 10 minutes to remove bubbles before use to activate the filter and ensure the best filtration performance.
Step 3. Please hand wash the pitcher, dispenser, lid and reservoir with a mid detergent. Don’t put it in the dishwasher. Do not use abrasive cleaners rinse thoroughly with water.
Step 4. Install filter into reservoir. Press firmly to ensure a tight seal.
Step 5. Fill the reservoir with cold tap water. Discard the first two times filtered water.
Step 6. Press the button for 3 seconds until the blue light flashes to activate the indicator.Note: Repeat this step after each new filter replacement.
Why is my water filter pitcher filtering slowly?
Our filters usually take 10-15 mins to filter the reservoir of water in your pitcher. One common cause of slow filtering is high levels of sediment in tap water, such as sand or rust that could clog a filter; hardness like limescale, or a grain of carbon which is blocking the holes. If your water contains high levels of sediment, consider installing a prefiltration system, such as these ones. Also, you can try removing the filter, shake it thoroughly to move the granular carbon around, then put it back in the reservoir.
The lights don’t work on my Filter Life Indicator.
First of all, please try resetting the filter by pressing down the button 6 times in a row and then hold it for 5 seconds.
If you've been using the pitcher for around a year, it can be that the indicator battery is worn out and needs to be replaced.
If after these options, the light still doesn't turn on, please contact us to help you replace it.
What happens if my system has a leak?
One possible cause for an apparent leak may be overfilling. Water may overflow into or over the handle when you pour resulting in what appears to be a reservoir leak.
If the reason for the leakage appears to be due to the faulty product or damage, please contact our Support, so that we can address the issue accordingly. We offer a 30-days guarantee in case the product gets damaged.
How do I clean my Waterdrop Faucet Filter?
If your faucet system hasn’t been used for several days, wet and reactivate the system’s filter by running water through the filter for 30 seconds.
Undersink Water Filters
What kind of products are included in Waterdrop undersink series?
Waterdrop undersink series includes ultra-filtration system, dual carbon filter system to satisfy your high standard of life. Undersink water filter of three different plans, meeting different demands for your home and kitchen. Spin down sediment water filter pre-filters large contaminants, reducing the workload of your home appliances.
Do undersink ultrafiltration system and dual carbon system require wall plugs?
No. Both undersink ultra-filtration system and the dual carbon system does not require an undersink electricity supply, which means you do not have to worry about your power supply under the kitchen cabinet. The only thing you need is three 4.5V AA batteries. Therefore, you can drink clean and safe purified water even in emergencies like a power blackout.
What is the difference between undersink water filter plan A / B / C?
WD-UA is meant to be connected to your original kitchen faucet, has metal braided hoses of 3/8" and 1/2" connection.
WD-UB comes with a lead-free brushed stainless steel faucet. You can install the new faucet into the original faucet hole, or drill a 1” hole for it. The dedicated faucet and your original faucet will separate the filtered water from unfiltered one, which meets different daily water needs. The connection is 1/4" only.
WD-UC filters can be the replacements for most refrigerators. It’s time to replace your overpriced refrigerator filters so that you can enjoy better filtration performance, a longer service life, and a lower maintenance cost.
How do I install an undersink water filter?
Due to different types of our undersink products, the installation methods could also be different. Usually the needed accessories come with the product, you only need to read our buyer’s guide or watch the installation video on the product page. Most of our products are easy to install, some may only take a few minutes. If you still feel confused about the installation methods, please contact us to help you solve the issue via our support channels.
Refrigerator Water Filters
What brands and model numbers is Waterdrop replacement water filters compatible with?
Waterdrop replacement water filters cover most brands and model numbers in the market. If it is a refrigerator, you can google the model number and enable the filter's model search on our website, and see if there's a compatible filter.
How to install my refrigerator water filter?
You have to push the filter in the connector and give a 1/4 turn clockwise. If it's hard to install or the filter doesn't go in, please double check that the model number is correct. If it is, close the water supply to the refrigerator, turn on the water dispenser for 10 seconds to release pressure and try once more. You can also read the user’s guide, watch the installation video on our product page, or contact our Support team for further instructions.
Why you have three versions for one model number? What’s the difference?
The main difference between the three versions is the certification level. The light blue version is NSF 42 and 372 certified, then the blue and green (Advanced) is NSF 53, 42, 372 certified, and lastly the dark blue (Plus) is NSF 401, 53, 42, 372 certified.
Along with the certifications, a better filtration performance is provided, the best being the Plus version.
Where can I find the user manual?
Step 1.Choose the product you want to know about, and you can see the button in the right bottom corner of the main picture, and click it.
Step2. You can read the detail of the product user manual
*Kindly note, PC view only.
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